Legal Matters Rap

Yo, listen up, got some legal knowledge to drop
From Kent State Student Legal Services to a love marriage flop
If you’re wondering if Gatling guns are legal in the US
Well, check the link, don’t take a guess
A love marriage agreement, is it really a thing?
Follow the link, it might make your heart sing
Looking for new home contractors near you?
Hit the link, they’ll know what to do
App means in law, a phrase that’s often thrown around
Click the link, knowledge will abound
Manpower agreement, a legal aspect to explore
Link up with us, learn more and soar
Tinker AFB legal office phone number, need some advice?
Dial the digits, don’t think twice
Is law hard or easy, a question for debate
Check the link and educate
Oshawa street parking rules, gotta know the deal
It’s all in the link, so seal the deal
Exploring the legal theory of law, a comprehensive guide
Hit the link, legal wisdom is your ride

Gather the knowledge, make it your own
Legal matters are no longer unknown
With all these links, at your disposal
You’ll be the legal rap king, no proposal